Members Call For More Democracy in Unifor

No consultation, no membership vote, no mandate on CLC disaffiliation, say a growing list of Unifor members. 

The Democracy Declaration has already been signed by 95 Unifor members from over 40 locals from coast to coast since We Are Unifor was launched.

While the list of Unifor members signing on publicly to the Democracy Declaration continues to grow, some signatories have chosen to remain anonymous. This highlights how much further we have to go for Unifor to be a place where all members can voice their opinions without fear.

The Democracy Declaration calls on our national leadership to reverse the decision to leave the CLC and demands meaningful democratic reforms in how our union is run. If you’re a Unifor member and haven’t signed the declaration yet, now is the time.

Signatories so far include:

Lance Protz, Local 820. Lampman, Saskatchewan.

Rick Suchy, Local 922. Lanigan, Saskatchewan.

Lydia Dobson, Local 567. Ottawa, Ontario.

Brent Eichler, Local 950. Vancouver, BC.

Nathan Butterworth, Local 5555. Hamilton, Ontario.

Joanne Goulet, Local 2002. Calgary, Alberta.

Gail Postnicks, Local 2169. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Rachel Besharah, Local 2025. Ottawa, Ontario.

Allison Pilon, Local 2025. Ottawa, Ontario.

Alex Grant, Canadian Freelance Union. Toronto, Ontario.

Betty Johnson, Local 2169. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Michelle Simeunovich-LeBlanc, Local 591G. Toronto, Ontario.

Louise Laporte, Local 2025. Ottawa, Ontario.

Lawrence Schnarr, Local 88. Ingersoll, Ontario.

Amarkai Laryea, Local 2025. Ottawa, Ontario.

Chris White, Local 222 .Oshawa, Ontario.

Sean Bray, Local 86-M. Green Valley, Ontario.

Kathy Madronich, Local 88. Ingersoll, Ontario.

Dylan Penner, Local 567. Ottawa, Ontario.

George Gidora, Local 111. Coquitlam, BC.

Mike Mutimer, Local 222. Oshawa, Ontario.

Hassan Husseini, Local 2025. Ottawa, Ontario.

Bruce Brownell, Local 28-O. Brockville, Ontario.

Pam Woolridge, Local 567. Ottawa, Ontario.

Julie Chiasson, Local 2025. Ottawa, Ontario.

Bob Stadnichuk, Local 922. Lanigan, Saskatchewan.

Paul Humber, Local 242. Massey Drive, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Michael Aubry, Local 2025. Kanata, Ontario.

Farid Haddad, Local 1688. Gatineau, Quebec.

Chi Cheng Wat, Local 567. Ottawa, Ontario.

Danny Smith, Local 252. Toronto, Ontario

Doreen St.Pierre, Local 200. Windsor, Ontario.

Robin Rickards, Local 1075. Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Joe Chang, Local 700-M. Toronto, Ontario.

Rod Thorne, Local 707. Retired. Toronto, Ontario.

Brian Wannamaker, Local 1489. Trenton, Ontario.

Cory Weir, Local 222, Oshawa, Ontario.

Kaitlyn Teller, Local 222. Scarborough, Ontario.

Johanne Labine, Local 2025. Gatineau, Quebec.

Franco Favot, Local 444. Windsor, Ontario.

Anne St-Amand, Local 5555. Hamilton, Ontario.

Michelle Winger, Local 444. Cottam, Ontario.

Alistair Rathbone, Local 42. Hamilton, Ontario.

Bruce Allen, Local 199. St. Catharines, Ontario.

Luiz Fontanezzi, Local 3000. Vancouver, BC.

Joselito Calugay, Local 2025. Ottawa, Ontario.

Bob Leigh, Local 1701. Toronto, Ontario.

James Vance, Local 16-O. Goderich, Ontario.

Adria Wilson, Local 222. Codrington, Ontario.

Edward Geppert, Local 780G. Vancouver, BC.

Matt Peter, Local 700M-NABET. Toronto, Ontario.

Shannon Reitenbach, Local 892. Esterhazy, Saskatchewan.

John Maclennan, Canadian Freelance Union. Burnt river, Ontario.

Glenda Berry, Local 2000. Victoria, BC.

Allan Fisher, Local 88. Woodstock, Ontario.

Keith Ackworth, Local 88. London, Ontario.

Linda Leyten, Local 88. Ingersoll, Ontario.

Steve Clendenning, Local 914. Sarnia, Ontario.

Rebecca Keetch, Local 222. Oshawa, Ontario.

Michael Desautels, Local 2025. Ottawa, Ontario.

Ed Dwyer, Local 222. Oshawa, Ontario.

Gary Malloy, Local 222. Lindsay, Ontario.

Arnie De Vaan, Local 707. Acton, Ontario.

Sharon Wellington, Local Local 200, Windsor, Ontario.

Richard Robertson, Local 222. Port Hope, Ontario.

Howie West, Local 2025. Kanata, Ontario.

Helen Berry, Local 2025. Ottawa, Ontario.

Pierre Lebel, Local 2025. Ottawa, Ontario.

David Soltis, Local 222. Oshawa, Ontario.

Lee Fricker, Local 444. Windsor, Ontario.

Nicole Lambert, Local 88. Tillsonburg, Ontario.

Daryl Pierce, Local 88. Woodstock, Ontario.

Leanne Howlett, Local 88 .Mount Elgin, Ontario.

Peter Rekunyk, Local 3018. Williams lake, BC.

James Roughley, Local 707. Burlington, Ontario.

Janet St. Jean, Local 2025. La Peche, Quebec.