Democracy matters for Unifor members

Add your voice to the We Are Unifor Democracy Declaration

I’m adding my name to the growing opposition within Unifor to the unilateral decision to disaffiliate from the CLC.

We can agree or disagree with the reasons for the National Executive Board’s decision to disaffiliate from the CLC, but the bottom line is this: it was an undemocratic violation of our Constitution.

Disaffiliation from the CLC will not help to fix existing problems. In fact, it is hurting the labour movement, pitting union against union, at a time we should be working together to unionize new members.

  • It’s time for a more democratic Unifor. It’s time for a Unifor where major decisions are made by the membership. It’s time for a Unifor where political debate is encouraged and where members can voice their opinions without fear of intimidation and retribution.
  • It’s time for Unifor’s NEB to rescind the decision to disaffiliate from the CLC. Unilaterally disaffiliating, effective immediately, was a clear violation of the Constitution, a clear violation of our democratic rights as Unifor members.
  • No consultation. No membership vote. No mandate.


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