We Are Unifor

The founding of Unifor was a promise. A promise of a new kind of union rooted in democracy, community, and solidarity. Right now, the promise of what Unifor could and should be is being broken.A promise of a democratic labour organization, with new approaches to organizing community chapters, and committed to solidarity with the rest of the working class.

That promise was embodied in promotion of Unifor’s founding convention, including through this video.

In President Jerry Dias’ inaugural speech at Unifor’s founding convention, he said forming our union was “about changing the discussion about workers and how they have to somehow accept less.”

However, members of Unifor are being told we should accept less democracy in our union. We refuse to accept that.

We are locals and rank and file members who want the promise of Unifor fulfilled. We want a more democratic union. We want a union that builds solidarity instead of tearing it apart.

We want a Unifor where major decisions, like whether or not to leave the House of Labour, are made by the membership.

We want a Unifor where political debate is encouraged, where members can voice their opinions, and where members can exercise their democratic rights, without fear of intimidation and retribution.

We are not a union of one. We can and should be a union for the many, not the few. We are Unifor.