Opposition to leaving CLC spreading within Unifor

A growing wave of Unifor members is challenging the undemocratic decision to leave the CLC. 

100 Unifor members from over 40 locals have now signed the Democracy Declaration calling for a reversal of the decision as well as meaningful democratic reforms in how our union is run.

Additionally, four locals are now challenging the decision. Locals 88 and 567 recently joined locals 222 and 2025 in beginning formal appeals of the decision, arguing that leaving the CLC without a membership vote violated the Unifor Constitution. Stay tuned for updates as these challenges proceed.

While the window for Unifor members to ask their locals to file an appeal has closed, it is never too late for members to sign the Democracy Declaration or for your local union endorse the We Are Unifor campaign.

Endorsements from entire local unions go a long way in showing our resolve to fight for democracy, and sends a clear message to our national leadership.

Of course, individual endorsements are critical as well and we encourage you to share the Democracy Declaration page with your friends, coworkers, and other local Unifor activists.