Momentum is building!

Since we launched We Are Unifor in response to the decision to disaffiliate from the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), we’ve been receiving support from coast to coast to coast, but there is still much work to be done. 

A growing number of Unifor members are signing the Democracy Declaration. Meanwhile, Unifor locals have now begun to formally challenge the undemocratic decision to leave the CLC. Already, at least two Unifor locals have voted to appeal the decision to disaffiliate from the CLC, including local 222, a major auto local, and local 2025. In addition to voting for an appeal, local 222 also passed a motion calling on President Dias to reverse the decision. More locals will be voting on whether to join in appealing the decision in the near future.

While the window to ask your local file an appeal will be closing on February 16th, it is never too late for your local union endorse the We Are Unifor campaign and sign on to our Democracy Declaration. Endorsements from entire local unions go a long way in showing our resolve to fight for democracy, and sends a clear message to our national leadership.

If you need help drafting a motion please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here. Of course, individual endorsements are critical as well and we encourage you to share the Democracy Declaration page with your friends, coworkers, and other local labour activists.